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Online and offline endorsement by your ambassadors

It’s word-of-mouth on steroids!
  • Brand Awareness

    Everyone needs to wear something - why not your brand?

Online Endorsements

Get thousands of ambassadors shout about your brand on their social networks!

Our nano influencers create meaningful brand engagement

Wrap campaign - Carstorm Addon

Offline Endorsements

Get your ambassadors to literally wear your brand message everywhere they go!

Human billboards? - maybe, but definitely creating memorable offline connections for your brand

Online Endorsements


Get ambassadors wearing your brand? That’s a fantastic idea!

In collaboration with our partners, we can help!



Design and production of your brands’ shirts, caps and other cool merchandise


We sort out any delivery needs to your ambassadors with our nationwide delivery partners

Custom Requests

Your ambassadors can do so much more - ask us how you can level up your campaign!

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